About Food Blog Witty Vittles

Welcome to Witty Vittles, the newly created food blog of author/editor Mishael Austin Witty!

As is the case for almost anyone, food has long played an important part in Mrs. Witty’s life. Most of her best (and some of her worst) memories are centered around it.

Her mother first taught her to cook when she was not quite a teenager, and she learned all about baking, “down-home cooking,” and fudge making from her two grandmothers.

She loves watching cooking programs on TV and scouring cookbooks (new and old) for the next best recipe to try. She’s even currently working on a few cookbooks of her own that should be available for purchase in the near future.

Mrs. Witty is no cooking expert, in any sense of the word. She’s still learning as she goes, and she hopes to share both her triumphs and her disasters here, so her readers can learn from her food experiments.

Enjoy your stay, and please come back and visit often…and don’t forget to leave a comment on your favorite (or least favorite) recipe(s).

Have a new cookbook or a food-related product you need a review for? Contact me at wittyvittles@gmail.com!

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