Spicy Banana-Apple Chicken Curry

  Today, September 21st, the International Banana Festival was celebrated in Fulton, Kentucky, which is about a four-hour drive away from me, so I was unable to make it, with the husband's work schedule and the girls being in school. But I wanted to celebrate by cooking Continue Reading

Chicken and Apple Dumplings

Today is National Apple Dumpling Day, and it's also National Chicken Month, so I thought it would be neat to combine those two ideas into one scrumptious post with this chicken and apple dumpling recipe. I found an old dumpling recipe in a scrapbook my husband's mother had made Continue Reading

Copycat Restaurant Recipe: Cajun Chicken Linguine Alfredo

  September is National Chicken Month (I love chicken!), and today (the 15th) is National Linguine Day (who doesn't love pasta?). So, when I thought about what I might blog about for today, Red Lobster's Cajun Chicken Linguine Alfredo naturally popped into my head. It's one of Continue Reading

Delicious Thai Peanut Sauce

  There aren't a lot of Thai restaurants where I live, so we don't eat this type of cuisine regularly, but my husband did take me to a Thai restaurant once, and we both enjoyed it. One of the things I loved most was the peanut sauce served with the chicken. Yum! So, when I Continue Reading

Blah-buster Leftover Chicken: Chicken Curry Casserole

  As I thumbed through my grandmother's old cookbooks one evening looking for inspiration, one recipe in particular jumped out at me: Maharani Chicken Curry (btw, "maharani" means "princess" - and it's a term often used for the wife or widow of a maharajah). My husband and I Continue Reading