Vive le Veev!


Today is National Vodka Day! Admittedly, it’s not one I enjoy much. I used to drink screwdrivers back in the ’90s with Absolut and Smirnoff, but they never did very good things to my body. I could drink any other type of alcohol – and sometimes a LOT of it – and I was always a happy drunk. I was the “designated drunk” among my friends because I was so darn happy… except when it came to vodka. If I drank even a little vodka (but enough to get drunk, obviously), I’d turn into a manic-depressive, sometimes violent, psychopath. No one wanted to be around me then. I didn’t even want to be around myself. So, I quit drinking vodka. Actually, I haven’t had any sort of alcohol at all since before I conceived my oldest daughter – more than 7 years ago now.  And I don’t miss it. Not at all. Cigarettes? That’s another story. I miss them like crazy, but I’m completely okay with being a teetotaler.

But I signed up for this grocery shopping rewards program not long ago, ibotta, and I noticed that one of the rebate deals featured any restaurant where this Veev vodka was served. I’d never heard of this vodka before, so I thought I would do some research and find out more about it.

Unlike my old grain-based vodka nemeses, Veev is made from acai berries (although it does contain some winter wheat, as well). I like their assertion, “We are not ordinary, nor do we want to be.” I love the idea of a vodka that’s out of the ordinary.aronia berries

It’s a 70-proof liquor that’s completely carbon neutral, which means there is no net carbon release owing to its manufacturing process. It’s eco-friendly and relatively healthy. Acai berries are full of antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy fats.

Is that enough to make me run right out and try some? Not exactly. Like I said, I’m not a really big fan of alcohol (certainly not when there are two little girls running all over the place that I have to keep up with every day). The $1 rebate from ibotta wasn’t even enough to entice me out to buy it.

However, I am intrigued by this new type of vodka featuring the delicious and wonderfully healthy acai berries. So, if I ever do decide to drink alcohol again, this is going to be a first on the list that I want to try. Perhaps my body will react better to the fruit-based vodka than it does the grain-based vodkas. Of course (unfortunately), I won’t know that until I try.

So, what about you? Have you tried Veev? Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments.

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